Raison D'Etre Concerts

Promo image by Brad Puckett of BP Photography, Mobile, AL. http://www.bradpuckettphotography.com

Raison D'Etre plays a sampling of all of our styles at every concert plus our award-winning original songs. Our one and two-set concerts work particularly well for cabaret settings, performance halls, concert series, and libraries. Historic venues, museums, festivals, and retirement communities might find our specialty shows a better fit. See details on this page. Roberta offers music residencies to schools, community groups, arts centers, and senior centers including empowerment drumming and songwriting.

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Duo show--Webster sisters sing everly brothers

Violet and Roberta harmonize in the incomparable style of Phil and Don Everly.

Swing Canaries


This one-hour show features songs from the 1930s and 1940s--the big band era. We perform this show in duo and trio configurations.


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