We'll Take a Cup of Kindness. And, thanks!

Dear Raison Friends,


As 2013 draws to a close, we hope that you are getting ready to celebrate the New Year with your nearest and dearest. As usual--for the past five years--we are playing a party for a great bunch of revelers at Bayley Place. Their countdown to 2014 begins at 2:50 pm.


So, for our last newsletter to you for 2013, we'd like to wish you a bountiful and blessed 2014. And thank you for all the great memories you've helped us make over the past year. Here's a Raison D'Etre memory countdown to the New Year…


10.  Thanks so much, Coffeyville, for welcoming three cowgirls from back east into your fold for a week back in January. "Home on the Range" just sounds better in Kansas.


9. Thanks so much, Campbell County Public Library, for developing the wonderful Signature Series that explores history, music, drama, and great books.  We were so honored to be part of your season in collaboration with Falcon Theatre for the area premier of "Soldier, Come Home" on January 25, 2013.


8. Our thanks to the Kentucky Arts Council for pioneering a concert series at UK Healthcare in Lexington.  You continue to serve the arts and all the people of Kentucky in the most supportive and imaginative ways possible.


7.  Thanks to Womensway and Women Writing for (a) Change for continuing your avid support of women in the arts.  We are so grateful to have been included in many of your collaborations like SWAN Day and the Summer Music Series.


6.  Thanks to Kelly Thomas for having such an inclusive sense of community. She pulled off a three-day benefit in three Greater Cincinnati music hotspots. "One More Girl on a Stage" came back in 2013 with a roar.


5. Thanks to great venues like the Old West Festival and Battery Hooper Days for including period music in your festivities.  We love doing our cowgirl and Civil War sets for folks who love history and dressing up!


5. Thanks to South East Region Folk Alliance, Betty, Kim and Christine for giving us such an awesome conference of colleagues and friends. Without you, we wouldn't have met great people like Lauren LaPointe, Todd and Meg Hoke, Jefferson Ross, Denise Williams, Miss Brown to You, The Skirt Lifters, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby and so many others who continue to enrich our lives with their kindness and endless talent.


4. And speaking of talent, thanks to the one-woman blues sensation, EG Kight, for asking us to sing back-up on a few of her songs this summer. You never need back-up, EG, but we're glad you are so generous with your "spotlight."


3. We are very thankful for great venues like Carnegie Center for Performing and Visual Arts and Fairfield Community Arts Center for including our speciality shows in their seasons.  In October we performed "Swing Canaries, Harmony Sisters and Folk Divas" as part of Carnegie's "In Concert" series.  And coming up in March, we're doing "Swing Canaries and Harmony Sisters" for Fairfield's "Wine, Women and Song." Tickets available here.


2.  Thanks to great local venues like College Hill Coffee Company, Leo Coffee House, Miami Downtown Hamilton and Music Cafe for giving acoustic acts a musical home.  Thanks to Christ Cathedral and Horizon Community Church for your devotion to music for the community. Thanks to Plain Folk Cafe for creating a venue that musicians, music lovers, and families can enjoy.


1. And most of all, thanks to every single one of you who bought a CD or download, signed up for our e-mails, liked our fb page, or just stopped to give us a little encouragement. We will always love you.  Happy New Year!