Heartwarming Events and Sweetheart Deals

Hey, Raison Friends!


We hope you are staying warm during this extended winter cold snap. We've had quite a few heartwarming events to keep our spirits high and are now looking forward to a few Valentine's Day programs/


Heartwarming Events


We played to a sold out crowd on January 17 at Newport Public Library's Signature Series. Even with predicted snow, Falcon Theater's production of Beyond the Blue Mountains drew some 250 folks out to enjoy the reader's theater, meet the author and hear our 1850s preshow and live sound track. We so enjoy working with Falcon Theater and Campbell County Library on these wonderful historical and literary productions.


On January 24 we returned to College Hill Coffee Company for two sets of music of our own vintage.  It was so great to see supportive old friends as well as brand new ones who stayed for the whole evening enjoying the music, coffee, food and ambience on a cold winter's night. 


Also present was our dear friend, Angie Gillespie, who is competing for this year's DotheJingle Safe Auto contest.  This is a national jingle contest with a $5000 prize and the chance to be the new commercial for Safe Auto.  Angie and her team of good friends have kept her in or near first place for most of January.  You can help a northern Kentucky gal achieve her dream of working full time in the voice over business by voting for her (often) at http://dothejingle.safeauto.com/Video/Angie_Gillespie  Her jingle is good, and we love her! The contest runs until February 28. Go, Angie!


We also played a set at Leo Coffee House on Sunday January 26.  It was awards night all over the country it seemed as the Grammys were on TV and many of Cincinnati's music lovers were attending the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards.  In spite of the the glamour and glitz choices available on that icy night, a hearty crowd showed up at Leo to support the three sets there.  We enjoyed the guitar stylings of a seasoned luthier and the song writing skills of Drew Davis, a young woman touring the country with her mom and suitcase filled with songs.


Sweetheart Deals


Valentine's Day is coming up, so what can you give your sweetie that says, "I Will Always Love You?"  How about a little "Hearts Content" or a Raison D'Etre show?

Our heart-themed recording, "Hearts Content" makes a wonderful addition to any Valentine's greeting you might have for your sweetheart, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, or really good friend.  The cover is a hand-drawn design from artist Freddie Thoman, and the songs are all heart or love-themed. You can tell your sweetie that you are "In the Mood," and that "I Will Always Love You" while you assure them of your steadfast love with "I've Got the Heart." Invoke those little candy hearts with songs like "Be True," while you contemplate your destiny with "Hearts Content."  You get the idea. It's a concept album about things we love. Get yours here.


Or, if you'd rather take your sweetie out for some food, wine or music, we have two shows on the horizon that can warm the heart. Reservations for the Mason's Valentine Dinner/Show on February 8 are $12.50 each and due on February 4.  For your money you get a great dinner and an hour Valentine's set from Raison D'Etre.  Call in your reservations to Phil Brown at (513) 868-2338 or e-mail Bud Haacke at SHA2906026@aol.com


Let me know that you made reservations for this show(called Phil or e-mailed Bud,) and I will give you a free copy of "Hearts Content" at the show. Just  answer this e-mail with "See you on February 8," and I will pack up a free CD just for you. Hope to see you then!


And if you'd like to toss a couple of tickets to an upcoming show in your Valentine card, we are playing for a wonderful music series at Fairfield Community Arts Center called "Wine, Women and Song" on March 28.  You can buy tickets now as a Valentine's surprise and then take your sweetie to our "Swing Canaries and Harmony Sisters" show on March 28.  Beautiful theater, cabaret seating.


Buy tickets here!


Raise on, dear friends!

And don't defer those sweetheart dreams…(or deals.)