A Grand and Challenging Year So Far


June, already?  This year has been speeding by for the women of Raison D'Etre. With a well-deserved two weeks off, we finally have a little time to work on some new songs and reflect on this grand, yet challenging year so far. 


So, what was grand? In January, we premiered our pre-show music for Falcon Theatre's production of "Soldier, Come Home," a readers' theater play based on Civil War letters between playwright Frank W. Wicks' great grandparents. The Newport branch of Campbell County Library was sold out for the production which we also reprised for New Richmond Historical Society in April. Right after the Civil War play, we packed up our cowgirl gear and headed for Coffeyville, KS to perform our Golden Girls of the West show 17 times in one week. We played several new(to us) venues including Miami Downtown Hamilton's Concert Series, Harriet Beecher Stowe House and Music Live at Lunch at Christ Cathedral. Plus, we returned to some favorite places like Plain Folk Cafe, Women Writing for a Change, College Hill Coffee Company, the Art Museum and Summerfair. And it was our pleasure to learn a set called "Folk Divas of the 1960s" for Leo Coffee House and Queen City Balladeers' 50th Anniversary. In May, Violet and Roberta represented us at South East Region Folk Alliance(SERFA) in Montreat, NC by hosting a showcase room and showcasing in the wonderful Hillbilly Haiku Showcase Room. Roberta also presented a workshop on playing music for the senior population.


While we were in Kansas, Roberta and Violet's mom, Louise, went into the hospital for an irregular heartbeat.  And this is where the "challenging" part comes in. Louise stayed in the hospital for over two months, including rehab. When she was released from the hospital, her home care team required 24-hour care. So much of January-March remains a blur for us as we needed to balance any scheduled performances with being sure that someone was with Louise. She's doing better now, getting out of the house for the Appalachian Festival on Mother's Day and attending the last Shakespeare production for this season--in wheelchair and with O2--but it's hard to keep a good gal down.  Thanks to everyone for your continued concern and support.


We hope your year contains some grand moments to balance out the challenges. Here at this half way mark in 2013, we are so grateful for your continued interest in three women who live to sing together. Come see us at one of these upcoming events.  We love talking to friends.


Raise on!

And don't defer your grand dreams.


Roberta, Violet Rae, and Vickie


Hope to see you this summer.  Check our calendar page for updates on where and when.