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Wanted to drop you a line to let you know something will be appearing in your mailbox before long. (No, silly it's not a bomb!!!). Glad to see you three are still making great music. Best of luck to you all. Steve
Vickie, So sorry to hear about Bruce's health problems. Hope he is doing better. Barb and I wish you both the very best. Violet, Tried sending you a Christmas card but the old grinches at the post office not only wouldn't forward the card but they wouldn't give us your new address either. Let me know and l'll try to keep in touch. Roberta, So glad to see you all still doin' your thing after 25 years. Seems like Roberta and Friends was only a couple of years ago (don't I wish). Best of luck to you all and keep on keeping on!!!
Sending a b-i-g congratulations to you ladies on celebrating 25 years of singing together. How wonderful!
Just wanted to say hello. Long time no see. Currently woking on the restoration of a 134 year old railroad freight station. Know any good railroad songs? Maybe we can get you all down here one of these days. Take care. You still sound great! Steve
I really loved your shows yesterday at the Old West Festival. My friend and I were the two attentive guys that sat through both of your performances. As a collector of great old cowboy songs (on CD) I was excited to hear some of that music live and performed so well. I have signed up for your emails and will keep track of where you are playing. My wife would really enjoy your style as she sings in our church choir and also enjoys the old cowboy songs. Since I am also a jazz fan, I am intrigued to hear your other styles (a la Andrew Sisters, etc). I assume you blend those styles together when you are performing at other venues. thanks again, and keep on sharing your unique gifts. Your fan, Reid.
Just wanted to drop you a line and say "Hello." It's been a while. Hope everything is going well with the three of you. Now and again i pull one of your CDs and give a listen which always brings back fond memories. My very best to you all and to your continued success! Steve
Violet Rae, been thinking about you and your Mom all day. Wondering how she is doing and praying for both of you. Hope she is doing better. God bless.
Sure love the video of y'all jammin' with EG Kight.
Howdy, Ladies! I am looking forward to your set Sunday at Leo. Who are the Ladies of the Canyon you will be representing; i expect Joan, Joni & Judy, but who else? thanks. Pete
Hey Bert, Long time... hope you are doing well. You can google "larry g kinney" or check out my web site: InOurSight.com Larry
Love keeping up with you! See you in the fall. Until then, keep singing~ Donna
Emma wanted to see your website. We looked through the pictures and really enjoyed reading your stories. Emma wanted to say thank you again for your drum class. :)
You made the Old West - WILD! I so Enjoyed your set by the Saloon last weekend. An extra Big THANK-YOU for 'Don't Fence Me In' Love the Andrew Sisters and this should be my theme song!!
the purple people bridge never sounded as good as when you graced the wine over water. such beauty.
I heard you this past Friday at College Hill Coffee Company and enjoyed myself greatly! Your music, harmony, joy, and attitudes were the icing on the cake. Beautiful music. Beautiful human beings! Thank you!
Love the song "Braver Self!" Can't wait to listen to more!
Just wanted to say hi and check in with the "dead raisins". You have an impressive discography and are sounding as great as ever. My best to you all. Steve
I just recently discovered your wonderful music and I am delighted. An old rock 'n' roller I don't find much new music I like. Two songs I especially enjoy are Broken Radio and Like A Song and I would very much like to have the lyrics but can't find them on-line... or anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction? I hope to hear you in person one day. Good thoughts, Lene
Hello....I just listened to your songs on your website.Awsome harmony,girls.I like your music.You are Great.My sister sent me an email after she heard you sing and play.Do you ever play in SW Virginia?I will be there if you do.Like your music very much....keep it up.....OwenCaldwell,PatrickCountyVirginia(CampbellCountyKentucky,homeplace)
Love, love, love "Christmas Belles". Everyone who comes in the house asks, "What's playing?".
Heard you at Flemingsburg Library last Thursday and can't wait to order a CD or two. Just wanted to say what a wonderful hour it was and what joy you show and share in each and every song. Will be on your web site often and look forward to seeing you again. Thanks for what you do and who you are!!!
Happy thanksgiving ladies! Hope to see you this weekend! Stay warm!
just rediscovered your CD from FAI... how are things? Just wanted to say thanks... hope you are doing well. Fran Snyder http://concertsinyourhome.com
You ladies are busy busy busy!!! Love the pics in the calendar! Hope you survived the cold and are ready for the spring!!!
Hey Y'all, I open your newsletters when I get them...sometimes can't figure out how make all those singing dates. Just wondering if you wanted to visit Prairie Pond Woods again this spring for some songwriting? We'd love to have your creative energy there! Cindy
Hi gals! Can I bring my 5 year-old along to the drumming event on Feb. 20th and can she actually participate? She has good rhythm. If it is adult-only that is understandable. Love you!!
Do you have any songs that are about the theme of gifts? or a Christian one about God's gift?
me, my wife donna, kathy and tommy's sister kathleen hope to see you saturday
Just HAD to comment on the tomato! Lucky you...I am still waiting for mine. Sorry to see you won't be back at Clifton Lodge...but I figured they were not going to continue. I hope to catch you all somewhere close to home or Prairie Pond Woods this year. Have a great summer!
Reverb, How's it going? We'll be out to see and hear you soon. By the way, I should have a surprise for you and Gary very soon. (Everybody likes a surprise.) Tell Gary I said, "Howdy!" Love ya, Steve
After the holidays, let's get together. I'll meet you folks somewhere near by or at one of your places and look over some of your original songs. Thanks. Give me a call: 513-374-5116 John
Happy Halloween! Great site!
Hi, just wanted to say you gals were great last friday night at the boone county library! Dan is still singing the "google" song! Thanks for a great date night! Keep singing! Ronnie & Dan McMillen
Well, HEY! Consider this note an early order for the upcoming "Swing Canaries" CD. I will place my order properly, but wanted to let you know I am so looking forward to hearing all those wonderful songs!
Hello ladies! I was wondering if you would like to play a couple of tunes at my art opening Friday Nov 28 at the Pendleton. Please let me know so I can put you on the invite if you can make it, thanks so much. I'll be on the ground floor. Easy in, easy out! Thanks! Linda
The photo's are great, I was just kidding guess I should LOL -Violet you look awesome!!!
Love you girls! You Tube needs more videos like that one! Thanks Vickie. Are you free on Friday November 28, and would you like to play a bit at my opening at the Pendelton? did you take that photo in a photo booth? Take care Linda
Hey guys....clare here. Check out SUITS THAT ROCK @ the Carnegie next Saturday on their web page. Hope you can make it
Hey Bert, it was wonderful talking to you the other day. Where does the time go. After we spoke I went to your web site. Wow!!!!!! Awesome!!!! What a sound you all have. Love it. Looking forward to hearing the group live. Take Care, DEB
I'VE JUST BOUGHT YOUR VERSION OF ALL MY TRIALS. LOVELY STUFF. I used to be in a vocal harmony gospel group with two girls in London England in the 80's called Kettle of Fish. If you can send me a contact e-mail, I'll send you some mp3's. You might find it interesting to hear what harmony with an English accent sounds like. All power to your golden tonsils. John Clarke
Hi cousins mom sent me an email about you, what a way to spend your life doing things that you love, great site. My family says hi. I hope to one day see you play in person. love The Kings
Roberta, I was fortunate to hear you and the children at OLM School in Paintsville last week. The work that you did with the children was beautiful. I want to thank you for the time that you spent with our small OLM family.
Hi girls, I hope to see you at the Leo coffeehouse too! I have listened to your CD many times - I love "Nothing But A Breeze" - one of my favorites!
you guys sent a very nice thank you, Christmas card. But, we wanted to know if you liked the dvd, and what your critiques are.
looking for a vesion of java jive and just discovered you - great sound and harmonies. Thanks. Wish I was in the States so I could come and see you. Happy 2008
To my Raison friends...I hope you have a wonderful 2008. Thank you so much for your gift of music during this very challenging year...it has helped my family cope and survive and for that, you have my heartfelt thanks.
I heard you at the CACE Conference/Catapult Learning dinner at Devon Park Pavillion in Covington, KY. Your music was great--I just ordered one of your CDs--can't wait to receive it and hear more of your lovely and harmonious voices. Thanks much for the enjoyable entertainment at our dinner.
Saw and heard y'all at McAuley today. Loved every minute-took me back toMom's kitchen and the Arthur Godfrey Radio Show w/McGuire Sisters. Hope to hear you again at College Hill Coffee Co. Nov 3rd, will bring some others too. Enjoyed the photos on your site!
Hi Gals. I love the newly-posted photos.
How have you guys been since MOVA? We really enjoyed your songs. Hope you enjoyed your time in Guntersville, AL. Keep in touch.
Well hello ladies!!! My goodness, can it really be over 30 years since we all were "students of life" together at Morehead State University? I stumbled across your site this evening after doing a Google search for Violet. Looks and sounds like you all are doing well. Proud to count you all among my "friends of the heart." Still love your music!!! Danny P.S. I have been working in Northern VA and living in DC since 2000. My ex-wife (Linda), and her husband of 14 years, live in Northern VA and work in DC. Forever bonded??? My son Tim (now 35 years old!) also lives and works here in DC. My grandson Will (now 10 years old) lives with his mother in Alexandria.
Ladies, as promised, here is the website for our retreat in Adams County, Ohio. I hope you will consider Prairie Pond Woods for a future songwriting getaway venue. We loved hearing you at the Lodge in Clifton! www.prairiepondwoods.com
You inspire me to live my dream. I am building a connection among women based on international living. I have the courage to follow my dream. Yay women! Thank you for pursuing yours.
It's been too long since I've heard y'all! Hope to catch your set at Edensong.
My husband & I picked up your Broadman Babies CD at the App. Festival yesterday (along with Hearts Content, but I'm not finished listening to it yet). I grew up Southern Baptist in NC & now belong to an Episcopal church in Cincinnati (The Church of our Saviour in Mt. Auburn). The one thing I really miss is the music - thanks for giving me something to sing along with on my way to church! By the way, this makes 5 of your CDs that we own now - we've enjoyed your music ever since we first heard you at the Kentucky Haus several years ago. We listened to you sing Better Medicine & then had to buy it!
Hi, I'm one of your many fans and I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing you at the App Fest. I spoke with you in Richmond KY last summer and now I have returned home to Covington. So glad I will have more access to hearing you-live. Thanks for sharing the joy! Rita
hello all just hear to say my hellos and send my peace to you -
Congratulations on your recent Honor Award. That is certainly yet another Reason For Being. Your old friend, Jazzou (Thomas)
Vickie & Violet!!! I saw you on cable and I said to my 12 year old son, I know them! That one (Violet) sang in mine and Dad's wedding! Then I found you on the web. You look great and sound great and it's so good to see you all are still making music and spreading the love! Write back if you get a chance. God bless. Carla (used to be Cogswell)now just another Smith P.s. Sorry, I didn't really know Roberta, but she looks and sounds great, too!
I have heard all your albums but stumbled upon your Christmas album on iTunes while looking for a version of "Mary Had a Baby." Downloading the entire CD was the smartest thing I've done in awhile. Simply gorgeous! It has meant more to me than simply a good CD, though. My father was in the choir at St. Paul, Florence my entire life. He would take me to choir practice with him when I was very little and I loved when they rehearsed the music for midnight Christmas Eve mass. A lot of the songs are on your CD. Never before have I heard a sound that made me feel closer to heaven than sitting in that choir loft enraptured. This is my 4th Christmas without my dear Dad - he passed away in 2003. But listening to your CD, I'm transported back 20 odd years, sitting in that choir loft, washed over by the voices that surrounded me. Thank you so much for that. It has made me feel him closer to me this Christmas than I've felt him in a long time.
Just wanted to say hello from an old Caney Creek member who is out solo with my new group Rusted Clay, remember that fourth of July at Cave Run? The Rain? www.rustedclay.com
While cleaning the john this am, I put on your CD Hearts Content, and broke into near sobs with "I Will Always Love You." We had just returned from Red River NM where, during a long, exhausting hike up to 10,000 feet, sad and heavy-hearted with the news of the death of Steve Irwin, I put one foot ahead of another six thousand times to the music in my head of Raison d'Etre. Not the Whitney version, but yours, as heard in Cincinnati at the museum series this summer. Thanks for your beautiful melodies and memories and helping one person cope and move on. Kind of a weird link between all of you, the Crocodile Hunter, and the wild blue skies and mountains of New Mexico, and grief over loss of an extraordinary life, but I guess that's how music touches our lives. Keep on singing, Joyce Hogue
I am so glad to see that you all are so successful with your musical talents. I remember hearing you play and sing as a child on a couple occassions. I am proud to call you family. Your website is extraordinary. I hope to catch a live performance soon. It is so thrilling.
Just purchased one of your CD"s - Queen Anne"s Lace. Just wonderful. My mother, Esther Reynolds enjoyed your music at the Barrington. Robert, our mutual friend, Gary Baker would be proud of your success and music. God bless, Rick Reynolds
wow!vickie riffe..so THERE you are..amazin'
I'm so proud of my cousin Vickie and her talented, talented friends. Keep singing the "tunes"!
Nice website!
My friend Sandy Nagel saw you perform and said something about wide ranging folk music and someone from Ashland, KY. I graduated Blazer 1972. Keep up the great performances; SN could not stop with her rave reviews!
New website looks great! We are looking forward to seeing you all at the Folk Jamboree in Falmouth, KY!
My new email address was dideker@fuse.net
You have the total control of the harmonics of the universe. You have taken your art to a personal and effective level of touching everyone who hears you in an exciting way. Thank you lovely ladies.
I hope to see you in concert soon. I have seen you at Coney - but never had time to sit and listen.
Nice website! The audio clips are a nice touch. Looking forward to the Coffee Cup Series at BCM!
I enjoy your music and hope to see you soon. Best wishes for 2005.
The world is a vampire -- filled with secret destroyers. Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage. (Lyrics: all rights reserved)
hey, i stumbled across your website by accident looking up the definition of raison d'etre (which i heard from this band queensryche). I am pretty fond of your music. its a different style than im used to , but it doesnt sound to bad. keep up the good work.
Great website. I really enjoy your music!
Spiffy new digs: perfect for amphibians like salamanders or mudpuppies. ("Shut up and rock raison!")
Love, love, love the new web site!!
i will call Roberta to ask if you might perform again for the Campbell County Public Library, Fort Thomas branch. i would certainly welcome the opportunity to hear you again. thank you, Ann